Call Me Stretch

A new set of robot parts is being released next week. Say hello to Scyphon!

You may notice the bell-thingys on his back, but the most important thing about this guy is his stretching arms. As seen below, his arms stretch for certain tech moves.

I have a soft spot for these kinds of arm gimmicks. These new parts will be released sometime next week, so feel free to experiment.


XBLA Deal of the Week

Starting on 4/10, for a limited time, the Xbox 360 version of Real Steel will be on sale for a special low price.

Time frame:
4/10 (WED) – 4/16 (TUE), 2013

During this sale, you can purchase the game for 320 microsoft points, instead of the regular price of 800.

Take advantage of this offer to purchase Real Steel for yourself!
Title Screen

Road to Revenge Vol.9: The Future I Envisioned

Road to Revenge.
This post hereby begins my transition into the WRB. The first match is against Hattori 2.0. I figured I’d be able to breeze through these early matches.

But I just can’t hit with my moves! Noisy Boy was a pretty vigilant blocker, but this guy also mixes in dodges galore.

So I lost…which is unexpected, ’cause I thought all the work it took to defeat Noisy Boy meant that I had a green light to move forward.

I’m slightly concerned about what’s to come…
Help me, Noisy Boy!

Just Be Yourself

There’s something I noticed during my feud with Noisy Boy. Unlike my creation, Avenger, Noisy Boy has a consistent design which overall, I must admit, is more aesthetically pleasing than mine. With this post, I wanted to talk about some other robot part sets that work great just the way they are.

First, Chromium.
The fact that he has spikes all over his body, and something about that dopey, pushed-in head, just makes him seem like one of those robots that are manufactured in great numbers. Let’s just say he won’t get his own sitcom anytime soon. Cool design, though. I’d like to see him in khaki.

Next is Quadritech.
For some reason I just look at this guy and think he wandered into this game by accident from somewhere else. “Hello, and what Universe are you from?” But hey, it’s all in good fun. Actually, I think he’d look awesome with a sword.

And last up, Nectron.
This goes without saying, but WOW, this guy gets max points on the creepiness scale. I especially love that you can actually see his spinal chord.

Each of these part sets looks like they were created as a whole robot, so it might be fun to try playing with them without switching out any parts. Just a thought.

April Means the Hunting is Good

The day hath come. The day when I would exact my revenge on my ultimate rival, UE-2. And standing in my sworn enemy’s corner: MEGAUE2-R. He looks more intimidating than ever, but having recently ascended to the WRB, I, too, am different than who I was before. And with the ring of the bell, the battle is afoot!

He has me on the defensive from the start of the match. But this much is to be expected from a great trainer.

I should have some opportunites to strike…but my skill just doesn’t compare to his. I guess this is what it’s like to face off against someone who really knows the deep, inner-workings of the game…

“Hang tight my friend! Don’t let Avenger lose his confidence!”

What!? Why, it’s the voice of Noisy Boy, resonating in the back of my head! I won’t let you down! Nor will I submit to the rival whom I’ve sworn revenge against! Feel my wrath, MEGAUE2-R! Or shall I say, UE2!

I WON!! Part 3 of this tale of vengeance has come to a close!

That’s what I would have liked to say, but…
April Fools! I will say this though: when I actually do fight my rematch with UE-2, I’ll do my best to be able to copy and paste most of the above text.

Shall We Dance?

My most recent victory reminded me of the importance of the decisions you make when assembling your robot. This led me to revisit the Tech Move library, where I found that some moves have something rather interesting in common with each other.

First, Othello Grab

Next, Foot-Trap

See where I’m going with this?
Lastly, Neck Cracker

My point is that when you land any of these moves, the camera angle changes. Us game creators refer to this type of move as a “Sync Move”. Unlike standard Tech Moves, these have that added bonus of giving you a special camera effect in the middle of the match, making it all the more soul-soothing when you successfully catch your opponent in one.

Real Steel’s got some other Sync Moves in addition to the ones I mentioned here, so feel free to find your own favorites.

Road to Revenge Vol.8: A Total Fluke

Road to Revenge.
First things first: I beat Noisy Boy.

It was a grueling battle…after all, he IS the boss of the Underworld. I hoped I’d been a valiant opponent, so much that on seeing me struggle through the WRB, he’d rush to my side in support: “You can do it buddy—after all, you were the one that dethroned ME!”

But that was all in my head. The overwhelming drama with which our match concluded makes such a righteous outcome impossible. No, he’s probably sitting in a chair in his apartment, desolated. He sees me on TV and laments with cries of “that should’ve been me!!” as he tosses a half-empty soda can at the screen.

Last time, I mentioned I was changing my left fist. After much deliberation, I eventually went with the Muffle Fist. This thing may be too strong…

So long, Noisy Boy. I’ll do my best in the WRB…