Road to Revenge, The Final Act: “Watch Me”

Well here it is. The day of my final confrontation with Ue-2. I watched the film once again the day before our match to jolt up my confidence one last time, completing my preperations for battle.

I’m expecting a fair, clean fight, but as I see the robots standing across from each other, I feel an unspeakable influx of mounting pressure flow through my veins.

I somehow get a grip on the match and rush in on my foe. Despite all the experience I’ve accumulated thus far, I feel a brooding sense of insecurity and immediately take the offensive while I still have a chance.

And I knock him down! YES!! Fully aware that he’s not gonna throw the game this early, still, I implore, “stay down—even you must realize that’s what’s best for you!”

As expected, he floats back up like a bubble in a pond, and now he begins an offensive. It’s almost as if he’d been letting me win.

I get back on pace and, after some more blows, Round 1 comes to an end…and it’s clear that there’s an even greater gap in our natural ability than in our robots’ stats. But, I am not ready to lose. A scene from the film I watched yesterday flashes in my head, and I put RAI-KOH into full gear. “WATCH ME!”

I begin Round 2 with a taunt. In fact, I’ve given RAI-KOH the same taunts Atom used in the film. That’s right baby, I’m the star of this show!!

And then I unleash a Heel Drop, a remnant tech move from Avenger!
…he dodges it, no questions asked!?

And then, well, I get knocked down, not by a tech move or anything, just a normal, standard punch. And the match ends…

Ahhhh, I lost. Unlike Atom in the film, I lost both the battle and the prestige. But instead of leaving empty-handed, I walk away with a peculiar sense of achievement. Why? Because I was in fact able to knock Ue-2 down a single time, something I couldn’t do before. I’ve truly experienced one of the tried-and-true hallmarks of video games. That is, the more you play, the better you get.

And I feel pride in the fact that I took part in making this game, that people all over the world can enjoy. Could I really call myself a game developer if I placed a higher importance on revenge rather than that fact?
DAHHHHISHOULDVEWON. But I’m not longer out for revenge. The next time I face Ue-2, I just hope I’ll have gotten good enough to beat him in a pure, clean fight.

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