I Can Feel The End Looming Over Me

Last time I mentioned that I had created a new robot to replace Avenger. Well, it looks like, for reasons currently inexplicable, Ue-2 has decided to create a new robot too. This was sent to me just this morning.

Now let’s forget for a minute the fact that he didn’t even bother to color the darn thing. It’s not like your robot was lost in a tragic data accident, so why did you have to create a new robot!?

Plus, the name is a totally different style than anything he’s had in the past:


Apparently (I looked it up), it’s German for “The End”.

Putting aside why he thought to use German, I take this is a clear sign that he is completely ready for our final bout.

Alright my friend, I accept your challenge.
Stay tuned next time, where I will report on our final battle!

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