“Flash of Lightning”

I’ve done it. I have completed my new robot. I have emerged, recovering from the deep and dark depths of desolation and despair. It’s like that part of any good story when something bad happens to the protagonist, only to have them find a way to start things over and get back on track. Thinking of it that way has allowed me to cope with this tragedy of losing my dear Avenger and move on with a positive outlook.

I’ve carefully selected my robot parts, tech moves, and coloring while using all the knowledge I’ve cultivated from my past experiences and chronicled in this blog. But, I’ve decided to use the same face, to have at least some memento of the spirit of Avenger.

My new robot is named “RAI-KOH”, which roughly translates to “Lightning Flash”. I’ve even molted out of my old shell which was sworn to vengeance, converting this motivation (along with any residual disillusionment I’ve carried over from my adolescence) into a pure heart, full of determination.

My stratagem: to defeat Ue-2 with the quickness of a flash of lightning!

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