The Words of Someone Great

It’s been a few days since I suffered the oh-so-tragic loss of my dear Avenger, and I have to say that I’m finally starting to feel…

No better at all! And you know why? Because I actually write this blog 2 posts at a time! In fact, I can still see sizzling steam coming out of my freshly wounded heart.

He was my friend. My partner. We were going to see each other through thick and thin, and now he’s gone. Well, I do have pictures of him, so I s’pose I could hypothetically create him again. But it just wouldn’t be the same…

And then these wise words, once spoken by someone great, come to mind:
“There’s always another way of looking at things”.

Y’know what? That’s right! This in fact is my chance to create an even BETTER robot! A new robot that inherits the soul of Avenger, but is even MORE powerful!

Alright, now I’m pumped! This time, I truly am gonna make the ultimate robot! Here’s part 2 of my “current state of emotion” series of pics!

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