Road to Revenge Vol.11: Not to get overconfident, but…

Road to Revenge.
I mentioned before that Hattori 2.0 was giving me trouble. Well, I started getting used to his fighting style, and figured that’s it about time I, well, win.

My strategy? That’s easy: land a destroyer move. And to do so, I need to counter a move. But first, gotta get some damage in…

And then, I land it…but not just any destroyer move―I land a head destroyer for an all-out KO!


The glorious scene of his head flying off far outweighs all the humiliation I had to put up with. The special camera effects make it taste all the better!

I feel like I’ve taken a huge leap as a robot trainer. Thing is, he was just standing there. He wasn’t even stunned. I feel like I got a little lucky this time, and I may not be this lucky when I’m facing an actual human opponent…

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