Covering the Basics: Attacking

Continuing my Real Steel basics, here’s my lesson on attacking.

3. Attack Boost
At the intervals during a match, you have the option to recover 25% HP for an area of your robot. But I’d like to take a look at the last option on the list: “Attack Boost”. Though slightly risky, if the enemy ‘bot is nearing the end of its lifeline, it might be a good idea to ignore your current damage, and to just go in for the kill by boosting your attack strength.

4. Countering
“Countering” refers to punching right when your opponent’s attack is about to hit. In fact, you may have done this in the past without even knowing it. The most effective way to counter is using a light attack. Nullifying the enemy’s attack is good on its own, but there’s no reason to stop there. Countering gives you a chance to continue to attack, possibly even stunning your opponent. At that point, you’ll have the opportunity the activate that tech move that’s always tough to land.

Well, that’s it for my back to basics lessons. All that’s left is practice, practice, practice. And who better to practice on than everyone’s favorite heap of garbage: Scrapbot.

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