Covering the Basics: Defense

Last week, the Xbox360 version of Real Steel was on sale. Although the sale has already ended, there’ll probably be a lot of newcomers to Real Steel this week, and for this reason (and also to help exact my revenge on my sworn enemy, UE-2), I thought I’d put together a quick course covering some of the basics of Real Steel combat.

1. Dodging and Swaying
While most tend to focus on attacking, don’t forget that you can really expand your battle strategy by adding these 2 useful defensive tactics to your bag of tricks. Also, try doing a low attack while dodging―doing so will get you so pumped up that it will actually improve your chances of winning. (At least it does for me!)

2. Repelling
If you push the block button right when the opponent’s attack is about to hit, you’ll repel the attack and leave your opponent momentarily vulnerable. And man does it feel good! The first few times, you might be so excited that you successfully repelled the attack that you’ll forget to go in for the extra hit, but you’ll get used to it with time.

The next lesson will cover the basics for attacking, so stay tuned!

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