Shall We Dance?

My most recent victory reminded me of the importance of the decisions you make when assembling your robot. This led me to revisit the Tech Move library, where I found that some moves have something rather interesting in common with each other.

First, Othello Grab

Next, Foot-Trap

See where I’m going with this?
Lastly, Neck Cracker

My point is that when you land any of these moves, the camera angle changes. Us game creators refer to this type of move as a “Sync Move”. Unlike standard Tech Moves, these have that added bonus of giving you a special camera effect in the middle of the match, making it all the more soul-soothing when you successfully catch your opponent in one.

Real Steel’s got some other Sync Moves in addition to the ones I mentioned here, so feel free to find your own favorites.

Road to Revenge Vol.8: A Total Fluke

Road to Revenge.
First things first: I beat Noisy Boy.

It was a grueling battle…after all, he IS the boss of the Underworld. I hoped I’d been a valiant opponent, so much that on seeing me struggle through the WRB, he’d rush to my side in support: “You can do it buddy—after all, you were the one that dethroned ME!”

But that was all in my head. The overwhelming drama with which our match concluded makes such a righteous outcome impossible. No, he’s probably sitting in a chair in his apartment, desolated. He sees me on TV and laments with cries of “that should’ve been me!!” as he tosses a half-empty soda can at the screen.

Last time, I mentioned I was changing my left fist. After much deliberation, I eventually went with the Muffle Fist. This thing may be too strong…

So long, Noisy Boy. I’ll do my best in the WRB…

Fist of Fury

I’ve had it with Noisy Boy already. I STILL haven’t beaten him, which means there’s only one thing left to do. That’s right: time to take my robot to the shop for some robo-adjustments. First things first: I’m going to give myself a new Left Fist.

I start by trying on the Hammer Fist. Bulky. Rugged. Large-and-in-charge. It get’s right to the point. Me like.

Next on my shopping list is Clasper. The claw-shape looks like a good way to hook onto the enemy, as it similarly has hooked onto my soul.

Before making any hasty decisions, I also try on the Clobber Fist for size. It’s round, yet somehow inviting. Definitely another strong candidate.

So which did I end up going with? It’s a tough choice, but there’s something exciting about making these kinds of decisions. This is further compounded when I start daydreaming about a damsel in distress that I must save. Don’t worry Miss, I’m on my way!

What It’s All About

Still unable to beat Noisy Boy, it hit me the other day that it had been a while since I tried using any robots other than Avenger. I recalled the affinity I had for the Quetzal parts series, and decided it might be nice to give it a whirl for a change.

Oh yeah…this drill/talon combination is just sublime. I’d like to feel the real thing, running my fingers along the blade just long enough to avoid getting pricked.

And Drill Impact is just as awesome as ever. Pro tip: It has come to my attention that in addition to dealing lots of damage, it also has this uncanny ability to heal a heart that’s been scarred by defeats in battle.

And y’know what, playing the game with my avian friend has also reminded me of something important: that I’ve been so entrenched with REVENGE lately, that I’ve forgotten that it’s more important to just play the game and have fun. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself…for now…)

Road to Revenge Vol.7: My Very First Montage

Road to Revenge.
Last time, I wrote how I was starting the game with my new robot from Stage 1 of the Underworld. Well, I was able to blast all the way through Stage 2. I guess you could liken this section of my training to those montages you see in boxing films, when some track plays in the background and you see the hero rise the ranks in a matter of seconds.

I was humming along just fine…that is until I hit the boss of Stage 3: Noisy Boy. Now THIS is a tough fight…but what else would you expect from a robot that actually appeared in the movie. AND THIS JOKER HAS THE NERVE TO TAUNT ME WHILE I AM STUNNED.

WHO CREATED THE AI FOR THIS???!!!!!1@#!#$@%$#%
(I’ll have you know that I went and yelled at the programmer who did…picture someone really mad…)

This was really traumatizing for me, as I found that I could not proceed past this match. And this all with the WRB right before my eyes. I guess this is what I get for paying less attention to the fight than I did on taking screenshots of my character getting beaten.

Born in Chains

A new robot parts set will be released later this month. This new set will be awesomely titled: “Basenja”!

The chains you see wrapped around each body part aren’t merely there to make him look cool (though I’d argue that they succeed in doing that too)—they testify to the fact that this guy means business. So much in fact that they had to lock him up. Looks like it didn’t take, though. Give him a one-eyed head to further solidify his evil aura.

Might I suggest that it could also be pretty sweet to intentionally leave him unpainted, to give him more of that unrefined, savage look?

The Crowd is the Force which Stokes the Embers of a Match

Before you comment on how ridiculously proverbial that sounds, have you ever actually taken part as spectator at a fighting event? If so, I’m sure you’ll agree that the raw reactions from the audience have a synergetic effect on the match. And you can’t deny that everyone in the audience is on your side, cheering for the…hey, what’s that guy doing here!?

He probably loved going to matches as a kid. But as time went on, and the fights from the past began to blend together into an ambiguous cesspool of memories…somewhere along the way he turned sour and became jaded. Now, he doesn’t show up to a fight without his arms crossed and head tilted to the side. If you ask me, he should take a hint from the dude behind him and just enjoy the action.

Now I wonder: on the day which I exact Ue-2’s destruction…on that glorious hour, will I be able to get a rise out of him? I know it may not be possible, but one can still dream.

Real Real?

A little while back I heard about this awesome show that was gonna come out, and just recently the first episode finally aired! It’s called “Robot Combat League”.

The show is hosted by WWE superstar Chris Jericho, which makes it all the more appealing to me, since I’m a wrestling fanatic.

The robots featured in the show are great. They have all these extra doodads that are completely uneccesary, but that just makes them look even cooler. Whether the show is broadcast where you are or not, the first episode is up to watch for free, so everyone check it out! Who knows―you just might get some ideas for creating your next robot in Real Steel.