Road to Revenge Vol.6: Training—More In-Depth than it Sounds?

Road to Revenge.
I have officially started battling with my robot. I’ve gone to the beginning, starting all the way back at the 1st Stage of the Underworld.

I’ve decided on my own way of training myself: I’m playing the game with the gauges at the bottom of the screen turned off. That means I never know how much HP or power charge I have, or how much damage my parts have taken. This allows me to understand the physics of the match (damage, power, etc) by instinct alone.

Of course, this is something I have the luxury of doing because I’m playing on the same machines that we actually made the game on. And if I can prove myself with this method, I’ll be able to battle against Ue-2 without the need to look at any robot stats. It’ll almost be like pulling up the anchors…like a great weight being lifted off my shoulders!

A Thesis on Robot Emotion

There’s one thing I’ve been debating for many years: should robots have mouths?

Let’s break this down a minute. Give it a mouth, and it always looks as if it’s about to speak something. (That could get creepy.) But then again, sometimes I think they should have mouths, as this would allow them to mimic human-like expressions, like clenching their teeth at the enemy. As you can see, I still haven’t made up my mind as to which is better.

I think about this whenever I look at the Ergo face (my Avenger ‘bot is using Ergo body).

Lately, I tend to prefer having the parts of the face open when the robot activates so you can see the mouth.

Road to Revenge Vol.5: “Just Call Me the Avenger”

Road to Revenge.
Here goes the last post about the assembly of my robot. I just can’t wait to jump in that ring.

Now that everything else is done, I move on to the finishing touch: my taunt. But this was an easy choice for me: Cut-Throat. I don’t think any explanation is necessary here.

And lastly, my ring name. I’ve decided on “Avenger”. It’s weird to see this word without an “s” attached, but I guess it makes sense. I’m all alone in my quest for vengeance. But isn’t that what vengeance is all about?

I admit it might be a bit unreasonable to get so worked up, going on about “quests for revenge”, since it was my fault for initially losing. But at this point, there’s no turning back for my robot and I. As a great poet once said, “Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep…”

A Slap in the Face

I’m so excited for next week, because some new robot parts and a new tech move are being released. The name of the tech move is “Subjugator”!

In this move, your robot silently approaches your foe, and then DOMINATES them with a single hand. It’s different from anything in the game we’ve seen so far.

The pre-motion has your robot walk up elegantly, before your fists deliver a destructively relentless conclusion. And as if destruction wasn’t enough, this move has the added bonus of attacking their ego, too. It’s literally and figuratively a slap in the face.

Using this move with the Muffle Fist looks menacing, but I’d also recommend using the Shaolin Palm for some back-and-forth slapping action.

A Life of Deception

Everyone loves ninjas. This is common sense. And as much as I’d like to become one, I don’t think I could live an entire life of deception. What I mean is this: I’ve heard stories of ninjas that had to live among normal townsfolk for years…even decades, blending into society while completely denying their ninja heritage, waiting for that one crucial moment to execute their mission. They would even have to start a family, all in the name of the mission, so I think, on many levels, I’d be a failure at this.

I bring up ninjas for a reason. Next week, a new part set is being released, named “Koga”. For those of you whose Japanese history is a little rusty, Koga was a real-life sect of ninjas in Japan. And the name fits the part, because these parts are 100% ninja, and not even the least bit shy about it.

The chain lining that adorns each body part is cool, but what’s even more notable are the fists―they are grasping kunai, a type of ninja dagger! My imagination just races when I think of all the possible tech move combinations.

I couldn’t help but give my Koga ‘bot a red and black color scheme, after Muta, my favorite poison mist-spitting fighter…

“You Won” or “You Win”?

Y’know how some games say “You Win”? I was recently playing the game and realized that Real Steel says “You Won”. I think I’m more used to hearing “You Win”, but gramatically speaking, I wonder which is more correct? And then of course there’s “You Lost” vs “You Lose”.

Which brings me to today’s post, which will be spotlighting when you lose a match. There are several possible poses your robot can perform when it loses a match, and I’d like to highlight a few of them. Today’s model will be none other than everyone’s favorite heap of junk: Scrapbot.

First of all, I’d like to introduce what my friends and I call the “beg for mercy” pose. The robot trys to get back up, which just happens to resemble him being down on all fours begging. But in the process, you can almost feel how badly he’s been beaten down. This is just the pose you want Zeus to make when you defeat him.

Conversely, when I lose, this is the pose I want to make. There’s something admirable about watching your robot squeeze out that last ounce of strength to get back up, only to fall short and break down. The fact that your head powers down just before you topple over makes it all the more sorrowful.

A variety of factors determine what pose your robot performs, and I’m trying to get good enough at the game to be able to control this.

Road to Revenge Vol.4: “Don’t Tell Me I’m Taking this Too Seriously”

Road to Revenge.
I’ve finally settled on my tech moves. Isn’t selecting your tech moves the most fun part about customizing your robots?

To accommodate my monstrous left arm, I just had to go with Drill Impact (To Body). It’s not just because I love drills. Making something shaped almost like a chisel spin like a drill somehow felt so…distinguished.

My second selection was Heel Drop. ‘Cause who doesn’t like dropping their heel on their opponent!? Plus I love the juxtaposition of the foot, which is so delicate-looking, being used for demolition.

For now, I’m not going to say what I’ve selected for my other 2 moves. Who knows, Ue-2 just may be reading this, and I wouldn’t want to give him full disclosure on my strategy. After all, knowledge is the key to victory!

My 3 Favorite Combinations Using the Shaolin Palm

I was customizing my robot the other day, when it hit me. What’s the best way to show off a cool-looking part? By using a tech move! And with that in mind, today I’d like to go over some tech moves that work great with the one-and-only open-fingered fist in the game: Shaolin Palm.

Up first is Iron Fist. I know I mentioned this when I first told you about the Ming set, which uses the Shaolin Palm by default. But yeah, these two are really a match made in robot heaven.

Next is Rising Uppercut. Now I realize that it’s actually the back of your palm that’s cracking your opponent’s jaw, as opposed to your fist. But you are still getting great use out of it.

Last up is Kung Fu Tackle. This one doesn’t even use the fist as part of the attack. So why am I mentioning it, you ask? Because of the awesome pose the robot does. It’s a brief freeze-frame of sheer Zen that you can’t quite achieve with a fist attack.

While the above 3 are sure to keep you warm during the winter, of course it doesn’t stop there. There are tons of great tech move/part combinations that give an equal sense of gratification, so feel free to experiment and find your own favorites!

Road to Revenge Vol.3: “I’m Going Slightly Mad…”

Road to Revenge.
I couldn’t help but submit to the temptation of the compound eye. That’s right, I ended up switching to Weevil Head. Yeah, I like this much better.

Next step: paint job. I wanted to go with a classic metallic look, so I decided on a nice white and red theme to produce that robotic shine.

Since the arms lack symmetry, I wanted to go for an “I just strapped on the left arm last minute for more power”-type look, so I purposefully gave it an unsophisticated rusty design. Though this doesn’t affect gameplay, it does help feed my mad scientist drunkeness rooted in my obsession for destroying Ue-2.

Next, I copied the color scheme of my right fist for my legs. That was one of the useful little features added in the previous major game update.

Here’s a shot of my completed ‘bot!

It’s a shiny red and white design. For now. That will all change when I stain the white parts with the blood of Ue-2! Mwahahaha!!!