Rank: 18

Recently, something inside of me just clicked and made me realize how cool Weevil Head’s compound eye is. I just got finished designing my body for Road to Revenge, but the Weevil Head has rised so high in the ranks among my favorite designs that I’m considering replacing the previous head I chose for my Road to Revenge.

And speaking of rankings….I’m delighted to announce that, thanks to all of your support, Real Steel was recently ranked #18 on a list of the top 20 games on XBLA for 2012!!


And the fact that it has ranked on a list for 2012 games, despite having been RELEASED IN 2011 just makes me jump for joy.

This is all thanks to you, who have continued to play Real Steel. Thank you SO much. And also, don’t forget that we have lots of great stuff planned to keep you enjoying the game throughout 2013!

Road to Revenge Vol.2: Sometimes Looks can be more Intimidating than Strength

Road to Revenge. If my goal truly is vindication, than my greatest concern should be making my robot as strong as possible. But when I think of how he is going to be my partner, my love of romanticism kicks in and I can’t help but fuss over his looks….

But I have no regrets. His head is cycloptic. You can kind of see through his body. He isn’t even symmetrical. Of course I had to go for the menacing, “I don’t even need 2 of the same arm”-type look. This is the kind of flair I’m talking about.

Are you getting excited yet!? This is going to be my friend, with whom I will walk hand in hand down the Road to Revenge. Let’s do it, partner!

I have extinguished any remaining vestige of my memory of Greed, my previous robot who lost…

Road to Revenge Vol.1: “Be a Hero”

As I was walking to work this morning, I noticed, there in front of me, someone wearing red. I continued to watch this person, and as I got closer, something strange caught my eye. They weren’t wearing just any ordinary red clothes. The person was in red, full-body tights…so I immediately thought that the person must’ve been the leader of one of those multi-colored hero squads. (‘Cause red is usually the leader…). So as I’m standing there, in amazement, he hops onto a bicycle and pedals away. Just a bike??? Where’s your motorcycle!?

I do have adulation for heroes. And the first step in my plan to become a hero myself is simple: to get revenge on UE-2, who so fortuitously defeated me at our New Year’s duel. Never will I forgot the devastating mental anguish I had to go through on that day.

I don’t have plans as to how often I’m going to write about this, but I can tell you that this post is the start of my path to exacting revenge on UE-2.

I think my next step is selecting my robot—or should I say, partner!

Getting Down on one Knee was Never This Scintillating

Standing on one knee used to be nothing more than a stance you get into when preparing for something else, but ever since the Shinig Wizard was invented (a knee attack pioneered by a Japanese wrestler), that revolutionized everything. Now, whenever a wrestler gets on one knee, I stare in wonder waiting for the next move.

Besides the fact that it’s a kick, Neck Cracker, a new tech move released today, is an awesome combo attack that similarly begins by knocking the opponent off-stance. If you preview the move at the Tech Move Select screen, it just looks like your average low kick…but you’ve got to see what happens after that kick. …well there I go talking about combo tech moves again. Brings back painful memories…
Omega Release is another hot-off-the-shelf tech move. It’s an ancient technique from the orient that somehow matches the new Weevil robot set.

Shifting between Up and Down is Harder than it Looks

A few days ago, I went to a sport and recreation facility as a part of ringing in the new year, where I ran into this sandbag game that would highlight different areas where you had to punch and kick. I gave it a try, and while I could hit the upper and middle areas no problem, the lower areas would only register if you kicked them. Now, kicking something while you’re just standing there is easy, but it can be tough when you’re in the middle of performing a combo of punches! It made me rethink all those TV shows and fighting games where you take it for granted to see people unleashing combos of attacks. I never realized how hard it is to actually do….

And it just so happens that this relates to what I wanted to talk about today: Omega Release. In this tech move, your robot will take a moment to charge up before releasing a barrage of attacks. There is such a huge difference between me and my robot (it’s hard to compare elegance with clunkiness), that I’ve even begun to envy my character.
This move will be part of the DLC package released this week, so feel free to check it out, and be prepared to laugh at yourself for not being able to form motions that are 1/10th as fluid. Well, at least that was the case for me.

I think I may be coming down with something…

No, not quite the measles…it’s this sensation that I’m starting to like the opponent ‘bots more than my own. Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my robot…but I guess there’s this part of me feels there’s something admirable about all these little guys that approach me and think they have a fighting chance. Ah well, I’m sure it’s only a phase.

Hrm…looking at that last paragraph, I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say. Which brings me to the topic at hand: a new update (the first of 2013) is coming sometime in the middle of this month! If you payed real close attention to my last post, you may have deduced that MEGAUE2 was secretly using some new robot parts. That’s right, from the soon-to-be-released WEEVIL parts set! Let’s take a gander.

This parts set has a noticeably organic feel to it. There’s something so devious about this design, with its head buried underneath its shoulders. It’s almost too menacing to use at the WRB, so you might want to stick to UNDERWORLD fights so you don’t feel guilty about being ruthless. Look forward to this set coming out soon!

New Year’s Special Edition Update

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all continue enjoy playing Real Steel into this new year.

I thought I’d do something a little special for this post: a full-on battle against the game’s head designer, UE-2. He used MEGAUE2, while I used my robot, GREED.

To ensure a fair fight, both of us assembled a robot under the same conditions for the purpose of this battle. I should have known that UE-2, the Creator of the game, would be a formidable foe. But nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught of attacks I was about to face. I did my best to counterattack when I had the chance, but he always seemed to be one step ahead of me.

After my pitiful defeat, I was so upset that I challenged him to a rematch! Our final bout would take place at the KO Rules Arena.

But it wasn’t even a close match….

Who could’ve guessed that his fighting style would be so unfair strategic? As I swept up the scattered remnants of my robot, I swore my 2013 New Year’s Resolution: I WILL DEFEAT UE-2 BY THE END OF THIS YEAR. You better hold onto your head!