Still Love that Drill…

Happy holidays! You may be wondering why I’m writing on the blog even though it’s Christmas Eve, but actually, I’ve written this entry beforehand and set it to post automatically. That said, I don’t have any actual plans this year…

So I’ve decided I’m gonna play Real Steel. Now don’t get me wrong: Real Steel isn’t a game meant just for people like me who have no life, so all of you, make sure to have fun this Christmas and New Years!

In an earlier post, I mentioned how much I love drills. It doesn’t even have to be strictly a “drill attack”. I’m content with simply equipping a drill part like DRILL ARM Lv.5 on my robot.

And just like me, you may find your own favorite part among the parts that are available in the store now. I know it’s not the same as finding presents under the tree, but this week it might be fun to take a gander through the DLC shop to see if any parts catch your eye for your robot to use over the holiday season.

And just so you know, this is going to be my last post of the year. I want to thank all the Real Steel gamers for your support over this year. There’ll be plenty more updates next year—but until then, Happy New Year!!!

First Impressions are Everything

There are lots of times when first impressions are important. In fact, I still remember something one of my teachers told me back in elementary school: you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure to make the most of it.

And believe it or not, this is a lesson that can also be applied to fighting a match in Real Steel. I am, of course, referring to Pre-Match Actions. One of my personal favorites is Scream. Why? Because there’s nothing more outrageous than watching a lump of technology suddenly becoming animalistic.

Most people tend to focus more on their in-match Taunt, but believe me when I say that your Pre-Match Action can speak volumes about your robot’s personality. And after all, first impressions are everything.

Unstable Access to Downloadable Content in European Region on PlayStation®Network

A new section has been added to the FAQ on the Real Steel Game official homepage regarding an issue currently occurring with DLC in European regions on the PlayStation®Network.

Q: I am trying to access downloadable content, but nothing comes up when I select “DOWNLOAD CONTENT” from the Main Menu. What should I do?

A: Currently, an issue is occurring in the European Region on the PlayStation®Network that is causing unstable access to some or all of the game’s downloadable content. Due to this issue, content may not appear when selecting “DOWNLOAD CONTENT” from the Main Menu. We are currently working with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in an effort to resolve this issue.

Who ever said fighting was logical?

In professional wrestling, there’s a move called the “Double Sledgehammer”. You basically clasp your fists together and slam them into your opponent.

The move I want to introduce today―Jungle Slam―is just that type of move. It’s a refreshingly destructive move that lacks any logic, and instead just makes a point of bashing square into the opposing ‘bot. Just to be clear, the below is NOT a picture of a sumo wrestler being pushed out of the ring.

By the way, there used to be a detective show named “Sledge Hammer!” And like they used to say in that show, when you use the move, make sure to say “Don’t move, or I’ll miss!”

Hold It Right There

This is kinda out of nowhere…but you know when a character is about to pull off a huge move, and then right before they launch/release/transform, they just hold that that pose to savor that moment before unleashing total chaos? Isn’t that “hold” pose just…awesome?

The same can be said for one of the new tech moves, Javelin Thrust. It has a pretty long pre-launch holding period…but just watching the robot stand motionless for a moment as it gathers strength…it’s just so statuesque and beautiful.

Your robot will be left vulnerable for a little more time than with other tech moves, but believe me, this move has so much range and power, that if you use it correctly, you will lead your opponents to an early scrapyard funeral.

Has it really been that long?

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since Real Steel was released. In fact, yesterday (12/9) marked the one year anniversary since the game’s release in my home country of Japan. I’d like to celebrate this with―you guessed it―new robot parts and tech moves!

Today I’d like to introduce a brand new set of robot parts: Boulder! Just glancing at it, you can tell this guy isn’t winning any marathons anytime soon. Which is precisely why I want you trainers to take advantage of its strong points by using it as a powerful, heavy defender-type ‘bot.

This robot set will be released in the middle of this month. But that’s not all! Some other cool stuff will also be released on the same day, so keep your eyes open!

Sound Effects that Make My Heart Dance

Let’s face it: every game needs sound effects. Whether it’s the sound of a character jumping, or the sound of damage…sound effects seem to always stick in my head, way after I’ve turned off the game. Even outside of the game…like the sound when you turn your system on. Or, my personal favorite: the sound of an achievement or trophy being unlocked!

It’s really great when you accidentally unlock one…without even knowing that was an accomplishment!

If you haven’t unlocked all the achievements in Real Steel, you too might be playing one day and be lucky to have one expectedly become unlocked.

I just took the above image to illustrate my point…

Do I hear some spinning in the distance?


Y’know, when you say it slowly, it really is a beautiful word. I don’t remember when I started liking that sound, but one thing I can tell you: one drill = good, two drills = super-gnarly. Feel free to build your robot, but if I’m just going to use one, I’m definitely the right-handed type.

I guess I’m trying to tell you that my latest fad is combining QUETZAL ARM Lv.5 with a DRILL IMPACT tech move. The pointedness of the QUETZAL ARM is just perfect for inflicting drilling mayhem.

There are several different DRILL IMPACT moves, so I invite you to pick you poison and see which one you like best!