To All PS3 Users in the US Region

The following message may appear at the top-right of the main menu, even if you have already downloaded the latest catalog.

If this is the case, you can disregard this message. A new catalog will however be released very soon. We will let you know on this blog when it is available.

So who out there can do a backflip?

Now let me just say that I was never the athletic type, and backflips were, of course, out of the question, unless I had some sort of help. The ability some people have to defy gravity just baffles me.

But enough about me never getting anywhere in exercise class―the reason I bring this up is because I’d like to introduce a new tech move: the AIRBENDER!

This tech move is a most tricky attack that delivers a kick to the opponent while flipping backwards.

Using this move just might take bring back memories of practicing on top of a soft mat.

KO Rules Arena and Othello Grab…and Me

I know it’s only been a few days since the new update was released…but have you tried out the new KO Rules Arena? I love that “old abandoned warehousy” feel it has…it’s just the kind of place you often see final duels going down in movies.

And speaking of the KO Rules Arena, I just can’t stop using the Othello Grab, (one of the new tech moves) to get my opponents into submission.

And how satisfying is it to land an Iron Fist right in the back of your opponent’s head, just as you can almost hear them pleading you to stop the beat-down?

Well, I’ve revealed my latest fighting strategy―now I hope all of you go out and find your own favorite combos!

Microsoft’s Thanksgiving Campaign!

For Microsoft’s Thanksgiving Campaign,

Real Steel on Xbox LIVE will be on sale at half price!

For a limited time only, REAL STEEL (normal price 800 Microsoft Points)
can be yours for just 400 Microsoft Points!


We are planning even more major updates and ongoing releases of new
downloadable content,
so be sure to take this chance to enter the world of robot boxing!

Calling all bird watchers!

Today we’re introducing the 2nd part of our ongoing release: the Quetzal robot!

As the name suggests, the design is based on a tropical bird of Central America. Only this one is rocket powered! The hands and feet are sharpened to points and rockets are equipped all over the body to deliver high-velocity piercing attacks. Be sure to give these hands a try.

As far as appearance goes, Quetzal is flashy and built to stand out.
It would look good to give this guy a colorful paint job to match his style.

Say Hello to…Guy with Spikes?

I’m just gonna dive right into what I have to say! I know you want to hear about the new content that is gonna be released―most of all, you wanna know what new robot parts are coming, right? Well, how about I just go ahead and show you.

Now don’t get mad about part of his body being hidden. And no, UNKNOWN isn’t his actual name. That, my friends, I cannot disclose at this time.

But that’s only because you’ll be able to check it out for yourself very soon! This robot is part of the release package planned for this week, just before Thanksgiving. At that point, you’ll be able to check out the whole story yourself.